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Who am I?

I'm Bartek, an angel investor in web3, SaaS, e-commerce, product and community-led companies. With extensive experience in building businesses on a global scale, shipping products across 30+ markets for companies like IKEA, Axel Springer, Grupa Pracuj.

I'm writing a business strategy newsletter and run a community of Polish entrepreneurs, investors, developers and all around smart people at

My investments include: Ramp Network, mycointainer, Mercury and more.

You can ask around about me to check references.

Who am I looking for?

I prefer to back entrepreneurs earlier than later on their journey.

My mission is to support and back entrepreneurs building companies (equity), and protocols (tokens).

I'm seeking product builders that are interested in building timeless companies.

Areas of interest:
- web3 (especially infrastructure, on-ramp)
- API-first companies
- SaaS
- Community-led companies
- Product-led companies
- Commerce

Investing process

I'm writing checks between $10k and $100k into early-stage startups.

Usually investing in 3-5 companies per year.

How to get in touch

Please reach out to anytime.
- Apply via contact form
- DM - Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp
- Slack

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